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MROE6JEP6VWith DAMO, sending an attachment whose file name includes extended characters generates an Undeliverable messsage when using SMTP.
PNON784KGNMicrosoft Outlook 2007 thinks invitee is the Organizer of the meeting. Invitee cannot accept the meeting. The problem was caused because Outlook...
MSER6H2N44Fixed a problem where Read/Unread marks were not working from Microsoft Outlook to Notes or Domino Web Access.
MROE73UQG2Fixed a problem translating the Italian DAMO version.
NRBY6P2JCVFixed a problem where some movements between folders were not replicating.
MHOL73VHKLProblems with *.rc file strings saying 6.5.5 instead of 7.0.2.
MSER73BH3DFixed a problem where intermittently messages on the server were not replicating to DAMO.
MROE6YUQ7VWith this fix, the maximum amount of folders allowed has been increased to more than the ~1000 that we had before.
MROE6Z5M7VFixed a problem when creating a folder called Meeting Notices, as there was already a system folder of this name for users of certain...
MROE72YJS4When copying and pasting a folder in Microsoft Outlook, the original folder content will now remain intact.
NRBY6ZKPZTAt very large sizes, DAMO thinks that it should replicate the entire mail database rather than only replicate the 90 days, or specified number. This...
MHOL72KVYYFile nwnspr32.dll will now be installed into the system directory during both upgrade and clean install. It will overwrite any previous...
MSER73VJBHCorrected a problem in the install definition which prevented an upgrade.
MSER6S8K7DDAMO's Outlook addin DLL (inotesoutlookaddin.dll) will be automatically re-enabled on Outlook startup, if it has become disabled for any reason. ...
MROE74KH59DAMO currently has a hardcoded limit of 24 server address books. If more are configured, none
are downloaded, the client may crash. Bump up this...
MROE6ZRHKSFile attachments in received messages now retain their original intended names rather than being assigned an arbitrary designation. Real filename is...
JFEA73WKXGPrior to this fix, copying calendar items to another folder did not replicate back to Notes.
MHOL782Q49Prior to the fix, the Microsoft Outlook 2007 client was being configured with the old Outlook 2000 style mailfile (ie, max size is 2 Gb). With this...
MHOL78KK96For Microsoft Outlook 2007, enable availability information about invitees when a chair is scheduling a meeting.
HPHG74LE6PNew validity check exposed a problem with processing reschedules to a repeating meeting that had been rescheduled in the past.
DMLI6Y2DXHOn Notes, moving the meeting invitation accepted on DAMO to another folder could not replicate to DAMO.
FJIG6PT8MGWhen the followup flag is removed on Notes, the FollowupStatus property still exists, but has an empty value in the property map. DAMO needs to...
FSIZ6HYQ2CIf a user re-arranges their mail folders, the new arrangement will be displayed on any other client also
displaying that mailfile, such as an...
FSIZ6ASTFQWith this fix, we send/receive to actually span the entire time it takes for items to replicate and appear in the users mailbox. All new messages...
FSIZ6HTN7LWe want a send/receive to actually span the entire time it takes for items to replicate and appear in the users mailbox. This makes us appear more...
FSIZ75MJBHFixed a problem where messages to restart Microsoft Outlook read "restart" rather than "start".
FSIZ6JVKUAC&S workflow items do not get marked as read/unread.


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